Friday, 14 September 2012

My Music Presentation

What music means to me
Generally when I get asked what music I like, I have a mind block and end up reciting the same bands I did about 8 years ago-Green Day, The Killers, Gorillaz, or along those lines.
I think it's because when you ask someone that kind of question there's too much to get across, and when you have so much to choose from you end up freezing up and not really answering at all.
So in this task I made sure to actually think about what songs and artists I really do like. A quick flick through the iTunes library and you realise there is a lot more then you think.
I've wittled it all down to these four songs, that represent three different stages in my life.
Wonderwall -Oasis
Apparently when I was born mid-nineties the big chart battles were between Britpop bands Blur and Oasis. I didn't hear the song Wonderwall until about 2001 when I was at a family wedding. My older cousin sang this song and since then whenever I listen to it it brings me back to that time.
Younger Teenage Years:
I Don't Care-Fall Out Boy
This song came out when I was about 14. I really liked it, probably because of the lyrics, and when I having a bad day, it just made me feel better about things. It probably ties in with the rebellious feelings you start to get in your early teenage years as well.  
I saw Phoenix at the iTunes Festival in 2010 which is a lot more recently. I didn't know the band at all, and only went because they were free tickets. However the concert was amazing and really intimate and I especially like this song, mostly because of its feel good factor and because it reminds me of the concert.
Frank Ocean-Pyramids
I went on holiday a few weeks ago and downloaded Frank Ocean's album to bring with me because I'd been hearing good things about it. I've heard it described as "hipster R&B" which I think sums it up quite well. It sounds really fresh and the songs are really well-written. As well as that it now brings me back to that holiday feeling. This song is a 9 minute epic song that spans lots of different genres of R&B across it.
How I listen to/ discover music:
Generally I prefer to listen to music on my own through headphones but I do occasionally go to concerts (hence the Coldplay T-shirt I am wearing as I present this) although I keep failing to plan in advance for festivals-hopefully this summer!
Generally I don't really make an effort to seek out music. Basically if I hear a song either on the radio, youtube, on TV, at a party, or by word of mouth and like it, then I'll keep listening to it and maybe become a fan.
I am open to most music genres, except probably from metal, but tastes can change over time!