Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Auteur Theory: Declan Whitebloom


One of the videos we have used a lot for our music video idea so far is Taylor Swift's "We are never ever ever getting back together." This video was directed by Declan Whitebloom so I decided to look for some more videos by him to compare using the auteur theory.

The videos are:
We are never ever ever getting back together-Taylor Swift
Trouble-Bei Maejor
Ivan Gough and Feenixpawl ft Georgi Kay-In My Mind

I noticed many similarities between these videos, and other similarities between at least two:
Declan Whitebloom and Taylor Swift

 All of the videos begin with slower, establishing shots. Taylor Swift's video is a one-shot video, but the first shot pans and turns from the city landscape on the side of the set to Taylor's bedroom. Bei Maejor's video opens with slow panning shots of imagery such as empty bottles and people sleeping on the floor to signal that the video is set in a house after a party and give the video it's sexy, smooth and chilled out feel. The Ivan Gough video has faster establishing shots but long shots of people skating are used to establish the skateboarding theme, and these shots are quite long compared to the rest of the video.

Establishing Shot

Whitebloom seems to utilise quite stylised ideas e.g slow motion, one shot videos and split screens. His videos are certainly not simple shot for shot videos.

Iconography/Design important eg: 
  • Taylor’s house has old fashioned but modern look to it=Similar to her modern country style.
  • Bei maejor= Fake tigers, Union Jack flag, big house, cars, girls etc. Gritty British feel, with a "keeping it real"  shabby effect-3d glasses, old tv.
  • Bei Maejor and J Cole
  • Ivan Gough=sun drenched, sunglasses, flat caps, sunglasses, palm trees etc. Californian Lifestyle. Wind farm and extreme city track, give idea of space, freedom.
  • Lots about artist identity and selling lifestyles.

He uses bright colour grading, highlights bright colours in all videos. Gives videos a sharp, vibrant, modern look.

Red and yellow bright colours are highlighted
Whitebloom likes to create disorientating effects in his videos, which confuse the viewer but draw them in and which demand repeat viewings. For example:
  • Intimate CU’s to create intimacy/ Voyerurism-Bei Maejor and Ivan Gough

  • Upside down/Sideways camerawork or performer upisde down- at at least one point in all of them

  •  Jumping between long shots close ups-Ivan Gough

  • The one shot, how did they do it effect-Taylor Swift.