Thursday, 13 September 2012

Love Sex Magic Ciara ft Justin Timberlake Gender Representation

One aspect of our music video idea is to have lots of attractive women in a bar flirting woith our two artists. Watching this video between Ciara and Justin Timberlake has given me some ideas on how we could represent gender, and the interaction between them, in our video.

In this video Ciara is seen as having a certain power over Justin  Timberlake as in the extreme CU's of them both he is the one moving down her face and she seems to be teasing him by licking his ear. The CU's give this sense of voyuerism and convey what Justin must be feeling. This shows Ciara in control which subverts stereotypes.

However later on certain stereotypes are reinforced when the curves of her body are highlighted by the lights and certain body parts like her breasts at 0:43. This is cut with fades of Justin watching which objectifies Ciara, like he is dancing for her pleasure.

Later on Justin sits on a chair while Ciara dances on the floor for him. Her costume such as the high heels and lacy costume are revealing and highly sexualised. Justin is at a higher level than her which puts him in a position of power. Therefore some may see it as quite a degoratory portrayal of women.